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September 4, 2011
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The Disney Alliance of Heroes by AznNerd The Disney Alliance of Heroes by AznNerd
Backstory continued from the Disney Legion of Evil: [link]

After spying and breaking into Jafar's Lab, Aladdin found his way to travel to another world. He was flung from Agrabah to Wonderland where he encountered Alice. Alice had established a bustling steampunk capitol city of Wonderland and had the technology to send her airship, The Jabberwock, to other worlds. Together they assembled a large number of heroes to stop the villains. The Alliance along with Alice's mechanical Chess army, they are more than ready to crush the villains and the Queen's notorious mechanical card army.

The Disney Alliance of Heroes:

Aladdin, The Diamond in the Rough ([link]): The sharp-witted and very capable hero, Aladdin, proves to be an excellent leader and a fierce warrior.

Mulan, The Fiery Cherry Blossom ([link]): Capable of both martial arts and fire blasts, Mulan ranks as one of the greatest of the heroes. Her creative thinking places her an excellent second-in-command of the Alliance. She and her husband, Shang, were more than willing to contribute their help.

Ariel, Sorceress of the Sea ([link]): In the years after the events of her two films, Ariel had taken up her father's throne and rules Atlantica with Eric. She possesses a trident capable of changing the weather and sea currents. She is a valuable member of the team.

Sam Flynn, Fighter for the Users ([link]): An unlikely hero, however his reckless attitude parallells that of Aladdin, making him fit in quite easily in the Alliance. His attacks are quick and strong and his genius intellect helps the team devise strategies.

Hercules, The Heroic Demigod ([link]): Hercules' great strength made him an ideal candidate for the team. Mulan and Aladdin sought him out after hearing tales of his heroic efforts from others. While they expected a brash and arrogant man, they were surprised to find our humbled hero more than willing to help others.

Alice, The Curious Inventor ([link]): Alice is a valuable member of the team as she provides the transport for the team,the airship "The Jabberwock." As well as this, she and Sam provide technical support for the team. She has invented a mechanical Chess Piece army to combat the Queen of Heart's cards.

The Beast ([link]): Maleficent swooped through his castle on her way to recruit villains and was confronted by Prince Adam, however, she transformed him back into the Beast as punishment. Now he and Belle are doing all they can to help the Alliance.
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This would make a good comic
guybracha Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
you should do comics from this, this is amazing
It's like the Disney Heroes self-parody of Marvel's "The Avengers" I love it.
This is NOT a childhood memories rape, this your childhood memories just turned badass.
who is the strongest on the team Beast or Hercules? probably Herc but the Beast is no slouch either so I want you opinion on their standings in this incarnation
The backstory even better than the amazballs picture!!
If Sora had them for party members like this, goddamn. :0
They could totally have marvel make some type of superhero version of the Disney universe now... and they could make Lady and The Tramp be Belle and Beast's dogs.
I agree. Would love to see a game/tv show/comic after something like this.
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