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August 12, 2011
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The Disney Legion of Evil by AznNerd The Disney Legion of Evil by AznNerd
I was going to redraw all of them but that was taking too long so i ripped them from their jpgs instead!

My Backstory:

Maleficent was never truly defeated after Prince Phillip slayed her. Instead, she survived and slowly regained her power. She then learned to travel between disney worlds, and with this knowledge she began recruiting and resurrecting villains from other worlds that she found beneficial.

Her second-in-command, Jafar, suggested they take over Agrabah first and use the palace as their base. Using their combined powers and the Queen of Heart's near infinite card soldier armies, the city was easily taken. After the takeover, Aladdin, spied on their meeting to learn of other worlds besides his own. He then began recruiting himself to form an army of heroes to combat this legion of evil!

The Disney Legion of Evil:

Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil ([link]): Extremely powerful sorceress. Brilliant mind and a strong leader. Her cunning and wit allied with her power and tactical mind proves her a worthy head of a legion of evil.

Jafar, Dark Sorcerer of the Sands ([link]): Armed with the power of arcane magic, Jafar is not to be taken lightly. His similar combination of wit and power is the reason why he was appointed the second-in-command byt Maleficent. He is currently providing the legion with a base of headquarters.

Hades, The God of the Underworld ([link]): A Greek God of the underworld with a twisted sense of humor. Easily the wisecrack and smart-ass of the group. However, do not let his comical personality deceive you as his short temper tends to yield dire consequences.

The Queen of Hearts, The Merciless Matriarch ([link]): Maleficent chose the Queen of Hearts not just for her brute strength and sheer insanity, but also for her technical genius. The Queen has constructed an almost infinite army of mechanical card soliders. It is with this army that the legion was able to take over Agrabah with little resistance.

Shan Yu, The Remorseless General ([link]): Maleficent resurrected this fallen general as his tactical genius and headstrong leadership skills. After his resurrection he found and recruited what was left of his Hun army. These elite soldiers then provided him a strong band of captains for the card soldier armies. MAleficent then promoted him to the General of the Legion's army. The power of the card army and Hun army combined with Shan Yu's tactical genius makes him near invincible.

Ursula, The Sea Witch ([link]): Ursula was resurrected by Maleficent for her immense knowledge of sea witchcraft. She is aided by her two electrice eels, Flotsam and Jetsam. Her magical powers are a force to be reckoned with and her insane persona only makes that worse.

C.L.U., The Rogue Program ([link]): Maleficent, while traveling through worlds, detected a strong evil presence within the dataspace of a specific world. She chose to resurrect this rogue program to assist her. C.L.U. while being a formidable opponent in combat, also proves his worth in his mechanical knowledge of modern and futuristic technology.

So this was a lot of fun to draw (and think of backstories!)!
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Krowing Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
WOW that is F***N amazing!!
i think Hades looks the most bad-ass
is it just me or has anyone else thought that almost every Disney setting somehow belongs in the same universe, if not sharing the same world? (a la Tron, which is in a computer more or less, and Treasure Planet [which is why the different planets])
1 word BRUTAL
Also Hook would be a good subsidiary villain for either the second or third team as he could be given a flying ship and duel with Jim Hawkins or go to the third team to continue his feud with Peter Pan
ObsidianGladiator Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I must say, this is just rad. However, I have one point to dispute: Maleficent would not be the leader. Even the Mistress of Evil cannot compare to the very Origin of Evil itself. Now, you may be thinking, "Is this guy talking about Chernabog?" The answer is no. Close, but no. I'm referring to the Horned King, the villain from The Black Cauldron back from the 1980s. You should do your own rendition of him. Please. I am begging you.
If you expand the legion expands to counter the growing groups of heroes Frollo can cut through stone with a sword, and Hook is a good enough swordsman to duel a guy that has basically unlimited agility and strong enough to hold a crocodile's jaws open.
I love your work and I defiantly would love to see more! Do you think you can add some villians and heroes from some of Disney's purchases like Red Skull or Thantos from Marvel, and Darth Vader from Star Wars. Maleficent would love to have them on her team, with Vader's power of the Force and Thantos' Infinity Gauntlet.
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